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This Is The Farming We Need to Address Climate Change

This Is The Farming We Need to Address Climate Change

Agriculture is emerging as a major scalable climate solution. Indigo Carbon is a program that connects farmers and corporate supporters to accelerate this change. Learn more below in The Farming We Need, a progress report featuring the real work that is bringing about economic, environmental, and societal progress through agriculture. This month’s edition examines:

New Administration’s Impact on Carbon Farming. How will the new administration advance agriculture as a nature-based climate solution? President Biden plans to establish a “carbon bank” within the USDA to pay farmers to “put their land in conservation” – scaling American agriculture to be “the first in the world to achieve net-zero emissions.”

The idea of paying farmers for their hard work to store carbon in the soil is not limited to the incoming administration. Last summer, champions in Congress introduced the Growing Climate Solutions Act, creating a bipartisan and bicameral blueprint for minimum quality criteria for verifiers of carbon credits. This bill already has extensive support with 50 endorsements from across the private and public sector, including Microsoft and EDF.

Through this support, we find a real win-win-win solution for farmers, consumers, and the environment. The federal government can stimulate economic growth in rural America, promote real and immediate carbon drawdown through nature, and help farmers optimize crop production.

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